Hey BetaList, you’re pretty swell.


For those of you who don’t know, BetaList is pretty much the best resource for startups that are doing just that — starting up. If your company is in Beta, and you want users to see your early stages/sign up, BetaList has the platform to help you, just like they did for us.

Hirable was created to connect freelance developers to the startups and tech companies that need them. We love our company and truly believe it solves a big problem in the tech space, much like BetaList does.
I was at the gym when I got the text messages. I needed to “check out BetaList’s twitter RIGHT NOW.”
I was in the gym when I got about 97 text messages from my partner excitedly telling me to go to twitter and BetaList and see what happened. I couldn’t believe it.

Boom. Instant traction.

We had over 600 Retweets! The reach on something like this is quite substantial, and really boosted our traffic over the next couple of days. We had over 200+ signups in a two day span and slowly tapered off in the days that followed. But that initial spike was incredible!

They were also kind enough to feature us on their home page. Which also drove tons of traffic to Hirable.

Homepage of BetaList

Thank you, Marc & BetaList. You truly helped us. What you’re doing should not go unnoticed, and is something we as a young company truly appreciate. BetaList is one of best resources to get a company’s name out there!

Hirable Editors:

John White, Creative Director & Christian D’ Alessio, COO